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11 activities to keep your children busy during the holidays

The holidays are coming up soon. The kids will be home for a few weeks, and you’d like them to have a great time.

Here are 11 fun activities that will keep them entertained during their break.

Dress your children warmly so they can go out and make a snowman. Give them an additional challenge by asking them to depict certain scenes or make sculptures. For example, it could be a water landscape made of snow or a snowman “swimming” in a sea of sharks.

Snow forts
Help your children build a snow fort and have a friendly snowball fight.

Contact other parents and meet up someplace where the children —and adults— can safely slide. Bring sleds, tubes and crazy carpets. You’ll be guaranteed hours of fun, both for adults and children.

Help them bake desserts, such as gingerbread cookies. Give them fun-shaped cookie cutters and let them decorate the cookies to their liking.

Board games
Spend a day playing board games as a family. Bring out your old favorites, or borrow new ones from the library.

Take the kids skating. Some cities make ice trails, while others have little outdoor rinks in several parks. Whether it be for skating or to play a friendly hockey game, everyone will have fun.

Dig out the old, torn socks from the bottom of your drawers and give them to the children so they can turn them into puppets. Provide them with a fabric adhesive, felt wedges, some fabric, and buttons so they can decorate however they like. They will be able to perform a puppet show for you afterward.

Whether it’s commercial or homemade plasticine, your children will have hours of fun creating everything they can imagine.

Skiing or Snowshoeing

Show your children how to ski or walk in snowshoes. It’s a great activity for the family, and it’s a good physical exercise at the same time.

Blanket fort
Build a fort with blankets hanging from the chairs or the armchairs. Add in blankets, pillows, flashlights, and games. The children can have fun inside the fort, then spend the night there.

Box city
Gather empty cereal boxes and milk cartons. Your children can then build their own cardboard cities. All they need is colored paper, scissors, glue, pencils, and their imagination.

Creativity first
These are only a few ideas amongst many others. Creativity has no limits, and it’s your best friend during the holidays. Use it well, and help your children develop their own creativity through these activities.

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