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3 ideas for a low-cost family holiday

Are you looking for family vacation ideas that do not cost too much for the upcoming season? Here are a few suggestions that should work for adults and kids alike. 

1. Go camping

Who needs costly hotels when you can take your camping gear and your tent and head to one of Quebec’s many available campgrounds? Spending time out in the open is good for you and your children. Adults would have a great opportunity to meet friends around a campfire or go fishing, while the little ones can simply enjoy doing nothing.

Your kids are certain to wake up at dawn in order to go hunting for frogs and mosquitoes, run in the woods, bathe in the lake – all of that at no cost. You only need to pay for the tent, camping equipment, food supplies, and the plot of land, which makes camping holidays a great option for quality time with family at a low cost.

2. Rent a cottage

Do not rent a five-star hotel in the South. Instead, use the interesting money-saving option of renting a cottage by week and spending your holiday by the water surrounded by nature. There are many quality cottage rentals around Quebec. It is possible to split the costs with another family, which will allow you to double the enjoyment while paying only half of the cost. Some cottages are actually very spacious and can accommodate up to 20 people. Shop online to find the ones waiting for you and your little ones.

3. Take a US road trip

If you would like to see the United States, a road trip can be the ideal option. Indeed, gas is cheaper down South, while you can find many other ways to make a road trip less costly. For example, you can buy a cooler and buy food at grocery stores, skip a couple of nights of accommodation by driving through the night and switching when necessary, find free activities and cheap hotels. If you are feeling adventurous, grab your tent and camp during the trip.

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