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4 Tips How to Save on School Supplies

Every year, many Quebec parents have to spend a hefty sum in order to ensure that their children have all of the supplies they need to success during the school year. Here are a few tips that will help you save money on school supplies to start a new term or for any other academic event.

Buy wholesale

Generally speaking, buying items in large quantities means paying less for them. Thus buying supplies in big box stores could save you money. The reason is simple: big box stores themselves buy wholesale and then have better prices, as they are able to resell supplies at a lower cost for consumers. Rather than buying all of your supplies separately in small specialty stores, consider a big box store such as Jean Coutu or Walmart. You will quickly see that small savings combined together accumulate for big savings in the end.


Keep an eye out for sales and discounts in the off season

At the start of the school year, supplies are in high demand, but at other times, many stores offer sales on the unsold merchandise. Take advantage of that by buying items when they are on sale, even if you would have to store those items for a few years or spread among several kids. Another approach for those on a tight budget is to consult flyers and buy at thrift stores or markets.


Exchange with other parents

If you are don’t have a big budget, ask other parents of children around your kids’ age if they would be willing to pass on supplies they are no longer using or exchange them. Used items can also be bought online – make use of the web to sell items you no longer need as well. The Internet offers endless possibilities to do business and save.



A little creativity never hurt anyone. Take a look at the items you already own and see if you can convert them to something else or give them a second life. Some old notebooks or covers can still be used, even if slightly damaged. Old markers can be turned into crayons and red pens can be replaced with pink pens to be used for editing. Think outside the box and do not follow the supplies list blindly. Most importantly, make an inventory of the items you already own to make sure you do not buy any extras.

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