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5 Activity Ideas for a Family Weekend

Weekends are for fun and having a good time with the people you love. Why not do something both useful and pleasant? Try these five educational activities with your children this weekend!

1. Go to the library

Nothing stimulates a child’s imagination better than an introduction to reading. To that end, simply take your child to your local library and let him or her leaf through the comic books or kids’ books at will. Comic books are an excellent way to engage the child’s creativity: help by finding the ones that fit well with the kid’s tastes and personality. You will see that once your child has started reading, their favourite weekend activity would be reading a good book by themselves at home.

2. Visit a museum

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the Musée Grévin, the Marine Mammal Interpretation Center in Tadoussac, and the Science and Technology Center in Ottawa are all great places to introduce your little ones to culture and history. You should try to choose a museum that corresponds to the child’s interests – you will then see the enthusiasm in this kind of activity increase tenfold.

3. Go camping

When it’s warm out, pack your tent and sleeping bags and head to one of Quebec’s many campgrounds. Camping not only allows children to be outdoors and enjoy favourite activities amongst family and friends. It also puts their resourcefulness, sense of orientation, and ability to adapt to a changing environment to the test.

4. Visit a farm or the zoo

There is no doubt that your little ones would love coming face to face with goats, pigs, horses, donkeys, birds, and other Quebec wildlife. A place like a farm or a zoo not only allows children to interact with animals by feeding them – it also includes an educational component that expands the children’s knowledge about zoology.

5. Make cookies

Ask your child for their favourite dessert menu and then organize a cooking weekend in which they can compare their cooking skills with their friends’. Make it even more fun by buying an apron, tools, and creating a workspace for later use. If the child is too small to cook, he or she can assist you; the kid will love observing you make their favourite desserts and giving you a hand.


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