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5 Plastic Arts Activities Your Kids Will Love

Plastic arts are great for developing your children’s creativity. They are also fun – so why don’t you engage in something both useful and pleasant by suggesting these 5 activity ideas to your little treasures to brighten up the evenings and weekends?

1. Create an artist collage

The idea here is to make magazine and newspaper clippings with images of your kids’ favourite singers, actors, and other artists. Then, you stick these images to a wall or into a notebook in any arrangement you desire. If not artists, the collage can also be about other topics, such as numbers, colours, cars, travel, etc. The ideal topic would be fun for the kids and encourage them to creatively develop their synthesis skills.

2. Decorate eggs

Another idea for an activity your children will love is decorating empty eggshells. Painting them or colouring with felt-tip pens – your little ones will be thrilled to work with the shells after you teach them to empty the shells out. The kids can put the eggs together in pretty Easter baskets or for other occasions shared with you.

3. Have fun with paint

Paint provides endless possibilities for DIY ideas with kids. Offer your little treasures a variety of tools, including spatulas, brushes, corks, or even their bare hands to have fun with colours on blank sheets of paper. You will be pleasantly surprised by what can be created with simple tools and a little imagination.

4. Decorate animals

Draw an animal’s (for example, a lion’s) head on a blank sheet. You can also buy a pre-made DIY set with animals’ heads to decorate. The possibilities for decorating are pretty much endless. Use coloured paper or post-it notes to create the mane, the feathers, or the tentacles of the creatures, as the website suggests. Fun – guaranteed.

5. Decorating pebble stones

A fun activity can be painting pebbles to create adorable creatures. The website offers a pebble colouring tutorial that would help turn blank stones into adorable little monsters through the use of paint and eye stickers. The stones can certainly be made into different kinds of animals, such as owls, bear cubs, or cats. Your imagination sets the limits!

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