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5 Snacks Ideas for Your Kids

When thinking about snacks for children, it is not always easy to find ideas that are healthy and mouth-watering for hot summer days. Here are a few ideas for original snacks that will brighten up the morning breaks of your little ones.

1. Fruit skewers

Instead of putting fruit pieces in a plastic container, why don’t you offer the kids delicious fruit skewers that they will want to put in their mouths at first sight? There are various ways to combine fruit in tasty snacks: fruit brochettes, tropical fruit skewers (pineapple, mango, and starfruit), or grape and cheese skewers, all of which can come with crackers or vegetable juice – these are just some ideas for snacks that encourage your children to eat more fruit. Place the ingredients on wooden skewers, pack them in a plate or a resealable plastic bag – and ready.

2. Fruit yoghurts

Also known as fruit parfaits, these snacks are ideal for kids, as they contain several necessary nutrients in the yoghurt, fruit, nuts, and oats. There are different ways to make a parfait (a number of recipes can be found online), so let your imagination run free to impress your little treasures.

3. Cereal yogurts

Another idea for a snack made with yoghurt is as delicious as a Blizzard from McDonald’s – a mixture of flavoured yoghurt and cereal. They will never see yoghurt the same way as before again.

4. Homemade fruit salads

Forget the ready-made salads and make your own by adding low fat whipped cream and garnish on top. Adding chocolate pieces, cinnamon, nuts or decorative candy will make the snacks even more appetizing for your little ones.

5. Decorated toasts

You don’t need to spend a lot in order to brighten up break time – use your imagination instead. Simple biscuits can be covered with cream cheese or sour cream and garnished with cherry tomatoes and black olives made in the shape of fantastic ladybugs, as shown in this photo on Pinterest (the site is packed with great snack ideas for kids!):’enfant/.

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