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6 Fun Colouring Ideas for Your Kids

Everyone knows that children love to draw, so why not offer them some fun colouring ideas that will make for exciting evenings and weekends? Here are a few suggestions that they are sure to love.

1. Colouring sheets with numbers

Paint-by-number sheets will tell your child what parts of characters and panels to make in which colour with paints or crayons. This allows for the creation of pre-made masterpieces while fostering creativity.

2. Colouring cartoon characters

An online search would produce a multitude of templates that can be printed for free and allow your kids to colour their favourite characters with the tools of their choice, including pencils, paint, and pens.

3. Colouring names

Some websites, such as Tête à modeler, give children the opportunity to colour their first names. These free templates can be easily printed in as many copies as your child desires. The kids can then enjoy colouring the names of friends and family members, creating collages that can then be used in a scrapbook or mural, etc.

4. Colouring one’s own creations

Is your child creative and good at drawing? They can make their own human or animal characters and then add colour to this artwork with crayons of any colours they choose.

5. Colouring comic books

Famous comics, such as Asterix and Obelix or Walt Disney ones, are available in black and white for colouring. Print these out and then give your children full freedom to colour them as they please, arranging the drawings in a particular order later. The images can also be copied using tracing paper, after which colour can be added. Hours of fun are guaranteed!

6. Colouring greeting cards

When Easter, Christmas, or New Year’s is just around the corner, buy or make a set of blank greeting cards. Then, ask your children to colour the cards and add personal messages. Templates are available online for free printing.

All of these colouring ideas will guarantee that the weekends and evenings of your little one’s will be occupied, giving you some space to relax. Happy colouring!

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