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30.03.22 - Activities

April Fool’s Day: Colouring page

April Fool’s Day is made to play jokes and hoaxes on each other! 🐠🐟🐡 (probably the ONLY time of the year moms will allow it 🥲 ) Get your kids ready for April Fool’s Day by printing this fun colouring page. Have your kids colour and cut out the paper fish before leaving for school […]

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21.12.21 - Education

The top 10 names we printed the most on our labels in 2021!

Each year we share with you the names we printed the most on our beautiful custom labels. By tracking production and watching your labels come out of our printers, we were able to anticipate a few winners. However, it's always a surprise to see the results. We compared with our most printed names last year, and we can clearly see a trend!

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06.10.21 - Education

11 Ways to Manage Your Child’s Allergies at School or Daycare

Nowadays, many children have food allergies. We often hear about peanut allergies and nut allergies, but children are increasingly more allergic to milk and eggs. These allergies vary from light to severe and can evolve over time. Managing food allergies when your child starts elementary school or daycare can be difficult and a real source […]

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17.09.21 - Education

How to Manage Your Child’s Separation Anxiety When Starting Daycare

Your little one has started daycare and has separation anxiety. Whether it be for daycare, school, or summer camp, what can you do to diminish your child’s separation anxiety or avoid it? What is Separation Anxiety? Separation anxiety is an intense fear of being separated from your parents. Different factors can cause this anxiety: Temperament. […]

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13.08.21 - Education

Elementary School Supply Checklist

Is your child starting school? You will surely have several items to buy. Here’s what you need to keep in mind when shopping to optimize your purchases and save next year! Reusable Material from One Year to the Next Some items can last more than a year and are worth investing a little more to […]

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27.07.21 - Activities

8 Tips For an Exciting Family Summer Vacation

Whether you’re planning an at-home vacation or not, these 8 tips will help you experience an exciting and successful family vacation.

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18.06.21 - Health

8 ways to keep your kids moving

What are the benefits of physical activity? How can you motivate your child to keep moving? Here are eight ways to help them get moving and love it!

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26.05.21 - Education

How to help your child develop a strong self-esteem

A good sense of self, self-confidence can help your child thrive in their life. How can you help them develop self-esteem? This article contains practical suggestions.

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22.04.21 - Education

How to support your child during a pandemic and confinement

Is your child struggling with confinement during the pandemic? Here are some practical tips to help your child navigate this difficult time.

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31.03.21 - Education

How Can Parents Balance the Needs of their Children According to their Age?

While younger children often need more attention than older children, the older children can often feel ignored or overlooked. On the other hand, the younger child may feel that things are often unfair. For example, when bedtimes differ between kids. How can a parent meet the needs of their kids without sacrificing the peace?

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24.02.21 - Uncategorized

How to Choose Appropriate Video Games for Your Children

Video games have a steady presence in our lives and especially those of our children. While there are benefits of playing, there is a great need to show caution and keep a close eye on the games our children choose to spend time on.

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20.01.21 - Education

How to Encourage Your Child to Do Their Homework

Your kids have just gotten home from a long day at school. They are exhausted from their head to their toes. However, it’s homework time. How can you help them, motivate them, and encourage them to appreciate the importance of homework, helping them understand the vital role it plays in their education? Even more so, […]

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17.12.20 - Education

How to Keep Your Children Safe from Sexual Abuse

Sadly, the sexual abuse of children is a reality that all parents must consider. It is vital for parents to do their best to ensure their children are protected.

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10.11.20 - Education

Eight Tips for Helping Your Child to Tell You About Their Day

Your little one has gotten just gotten home from a big day at daycare or school. It is such a natural thing for a parent to want to know how their day was. However, all attempts to find out usually result in a quick and simple, “Good.”, and nothing more. So, how can you draw […]

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14.08.20 - Nutrition

Five Great Tips to Make Lunch Prep Easier and More Varied

The 2019-2020 school year was cut short by the pandemic, but the fall of 2020 is coming fast and with it, back-to-school time, homework and lunch preparation.  For many parents, lunch preparation has become a chore. With allergies, food intolerances, and children’s food preferences, making lunches is more and more of a puzzle. How can […]

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19.06.20 - Activities

Six tips for gardening with your child

The nice weather is here. Following this confinement period, you decide to make a garden. Why not get your kids involved?

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12.05.20 - Education

How to Deconstruct Stereotypes with Toys

“Girls play with dolls and boys play with cars.” What seems like a harmless comment indicates an underlying problem that is often ignored. Here’s an overview of the stereotypes caused by certain toys, along with a few suggestions to help deconstruct these stereotypes.

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08.04.20 - Activities

How to Choose Good Audiobooks for Your Kids

What are the benefits of audiobooks? How can you choose good ones and capture your children’s interest in them?

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27.02.20 - Education

How to Help Your Child Develop a Sense of Humor?

Having a good sense of humor provides many benefits and will help a person throughout their whole life. How, then, can you help your children develop their own sense of humor?

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22.01.20 - Activities

10 Interesting Winter Activities for The Whole Family

Winter is here and you’ve run out of family activities. Of course, there are traditional winter activities like skiing, skating, sliding and building a snowman, but you’d like to be creative. Here are ten interesting winter activity ideas for the whole family.

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08.01.20 - Activities

11 activities to keep your children busy during the holidays

The holidays are coming up soon. The kids will be home for a few weeks, and you’d like them to have a great time. Here are 11 fun activities that will keep them entertained during their break.

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14.11.19 - Education

9 Fun Ways to Teach Your Kids the Value of Money

Everybody wants their children to grow up to be successful, responsible adults. To help them do so, it’s important to teach them, among other things, the value of money.

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14.10.19 - Activities

9 Ways to Spark Your Children’s Creativity

In the technological world we live on, kids depend more and more on their screens to entertain themselves and tend to put aside their creativity. How can you help spark their creative minds? Here are nine ideas to help you do just that.

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18.09.19 - Activities

11 Ways to Motivate Your Kids to Read

Teaching them how to read is one of the greatest gifts you could give your children. How can you motivate your children to read?

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14.08.19 - Education

Help Your Child Cope With Anxiety

Does your child suffer from anxiety? If so, you are not alone. Anxiety has become the leading mental health issue among Canadian children. It is not easy to deal with such a situation, but there are tools you can use to help your child cope with his or her anxiety.

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18.07.19 - Activities

15 Fun Activities to Get Your Kids Outside This Summer

How can you motivate your kids to play outside? Here are fifteen fun activities to help them enjoy the outdoors this summer.

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15.03.19 - Education

7 Tips to Keep Sibling Rivalry Under Control

If you have many kids, hearing them bickering over a toy or having a fit because the other one looked at them is probably part of your daily routine. Sibling rivalry is bound to happen at one time or another. Why does it happen and how can you keep it under control? The Reasons Why […]

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15.02.19 - Activities

3 tips to help your children make their own lunch

You may want to teach your children how to cook meals or at least prepare their lunch for school by themselves. The key to getting kids to do this is to make the process of preparing lunch simple so that they can learn to do it quickly and then remember how to do it again and again.

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11.01.19 - Activities

3 Tips for Raising Active, Healthy Children

It is extremely easy for children to entertain themselves these days. With so many streaming services, electronic devices and video game consoles available, kids can spend hours “plugged in.” This can be helpful when you need time to complete your chores or relax at the end of a long day, but you also want to make sure that your kids are leading a healthy, active and balanced lifestyle...

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13.12.18 - Activities

3 Ideas for Educational Vacations for Your Kids

Holidays are here, so many parents are thinking about ways to keep the young brains in good shape for the upcoming year. The trick here is to try and combine having fun with acquiring new knowledge and reinforcing what they had been learning for the past year. Here are a few ideas for an educational vacation you could try with your kids this Holiday season.

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20.11.18 - Health

How to Create a Healthy Indoor Environment at Home?

If you live in a four-season climate, you and your children will spend a lot of time indoors during the winter and also in the spring and fall. Unless a child suffers from seasonal allergies (which are usually controlled with medication), they can enjoy fresh air during the summertime. What about during the rest of the year? How can you create a “fresh air” environment inside your home? Here are some ideas…

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12.10.18 - Activities

Nine Fun Activities to Do on a Rainy Day!

“Mom ! I'm bored! I don't know what to do!” We’ve all heard his more than once. What can you do when your kids can't go play outside because it's raining again? Here are nine fun activities that your little ones will surely enjoy!

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20.09.18 - Education

How to inspire your kids to do their homework

Some children are able to do their homework on their own with little guidance from their parents. Others, however, struggle to consistently do their evening assignments without someone looking over their shoulder the entire time.

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13.07.18 - Activities

A Foolproof Family Plan for Packing for a Trip!

Traveling is stressful enough without having to worry if you packed everything important. Filling your suitcases and luggage can be especially challenging if you are traveling with children. Not only do you have to pack everything that you could potentially need, but you have to pack for the kids as well.

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08.06.18 - Activities

4 ways to limit your child’s screen time

Children need to be computer literate if they want to succeed in school and, eventually, in a career. When they are younger, however, the problem is usually not teaching them how to use a computer, but limiting their screen time so that they can learn other skills.

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11.05.18 - Education

Tips to help your child succeed in his school year

Is your child having trouble at school? It is possible that for various reasons, your little one cannot achieve the desired results. Whether it's learning difficulties, lack of motivation, or any other problem, there are some things you can do to help your child perform better in school. Here are some tips to implement.

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06.04.18 - Activities

How to help your child develop his passions and interests

Essential sources of motivation for your children, passions and interests play a significant role in the progress and development of your toddlers. Not only do they help them develop their personalities, but they also facilitate their learning in the school environment, which is also a reason to help them find them. However, not all children […]

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23.03.18 - Education

Teach your kids to clean their room by themselves

If you have children, you have probably had the experience of asking them to clean their room, and then entering later to see that they have not done so. This situation can be frustrating, but instead of cleaning the room yourself or directly overseeing the process, you can make it easier for them by teaching them a step-by-step room-cleaning strategy.

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09.03.18 - Activities

Tips to stimulate the imagination of your little ones

Imagination plays a crucial role in the development of our little ones. Developing primarily in the first seven years of life, it helps children to be more creative, to think better, to find solutions to their problems, to be more empathetic, to have fun, to overcome their difficulties and challenges. Emotional; in short, it helps them develop their cognitive and affective abilities. That's why it's essential to promote it from an early age. Here are some tips to help your kids be more imaginative.

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23.02.18 - Activities

4 extracurricular activities ideas for your kids

The benefits of extracurricular activities on the development and the educational progress of your children are numerous. Not only do they help them develop their passions, interests, abilities and social skills, but they also provide them with fun, as well as being an endless source of motivation. It has been shown that children who have extracurricular activities are less likely to drop out, and more likely to be successful in school.

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09.02.18 - Education

4 Ways to Help Your Kids Love School

Sometimes, making children appreciate the benefits of going to school and learning is not easy. Many kids prefer to play with their friends instead of being in the classroom all day and listening to the teacher’s explanations. Here are a few tips to help the kids fall in love with school.

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26.01.18 - Education

5 Exercises to Quickly Help Your Child with French

French is one of the most difficult languages to master, but if your kids spend time on the basics of the language, they will have fewer difficulties with it when they grow up. Here are a few tips to help them build a solid French studies base.

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12.01.18 - Activities

How to get your kids interested in story design

Children are fascinated by stories. They love being read to or told stories while thy are falling asleep. They also love to tell stories and create new ones – however, they need to learn how to set up a captivating narrative. Here are a few tips to introduce them to story design.

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29.12.17 - Education

5 Tips for Discussing Sex with Your Kids

In a previous article, we discussed how there is no ideal age for talking about sexuality with children. It is important to approach the topic as soon as they begin asking questions and to provide them with an answer that is appropriate for their language and understanding level. Here are a few tips for addressing the topic of sexuality with your kids more effectively.

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15.12.17 - Activities

5 Ways to Save on Your Next Family Vacation

Why should a family vacation cost a fortune? Here are five ways for you to save on the next family trip.

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01.12.17 - Activities

5 Plastic Arts Activities Your Kids Will Love

Plastic arts are great for developing your children’s creativity. They are also fun – so why don’t you engage in something both useful and pleasant by suggesting these 5 activity ideas to your little treasures to brighten up the evenings and weekends?

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23.11.17 - Education

How can ADHD in your child be diagnosed?

Attention and Hyperactivity Disorders (ADHD) or Attention Deficit Disorder with or without hyperactivity affect about 3 to 5% of children. How do you know if your child suffers from this and what should you do if he or she does?

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03.11.17 - Activities

6 Fun Colouring Ideas for Your Kids

Everyone knows that children love to draw, so why not offer them some fun colouring ideas that will make for exciting evenings and weekends? Here are a few suggestions that they are sure to love. 1. Colouring sheets with numbers Paint-by-number sheets will tell your child what parts of characters and panels to make in […]

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20.10.17 - Activities

My child has no friends: what can be done?

Does your child always seem to play alone in the schoolyard and to get no calls from friends inviting him out for activities in the evenings? Here are a few tips to help the child create a circle of friends and develop social skills.

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06.10.17 - Activities

Tips for reading materials for your kids

It is known that reading has many benefits, which is why it is crucial to introduce your child to this activity early on in order to promote cognitive and social skills development. Here are a few ideas for reading for your kids.

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22.09.17 - Education

5 Ways to Help Your Children with Math

Mathematics is not necessarily the easiest subject to master for all children. These are some ways to improve your kids’ mental math and problem solving skills.

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08.09.17 - Education

At what age should we start talking to our kids about sexuality?

Sexuality may be a taboo subject, but it is a part of the day to day reality in the lives of our children, so sooner or later, they will start to have questions about the topic. At what age should one ideally bring up the topic of sex in a conversation with our kids? Here is an overview of what to expect.

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26.08.17 - Activities

How to encourage your kids to read

Reading is very beneficial for the cognitive and social development of children. Indeed, it improves the kids’ social skills and improves their self-esteem, which is why it is necessary to help children like to read and engage in reading often. Here are a few tips to encourage children to read a good book.

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11.08.17 - Education

How can you help your little ones build self-confidence?

Confidence in oneself is vital to ensuring the success of your children not only at school, but throughout life. However, it is not something one is born with – it develops over time. Here are a few tips to help with building your child’s self-esteem.

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31.07.17 - Nutrition

5 Snacks Ideas for Your Kids

When thinking about snacks for children, it is not always easy to find ideas that are healthy and mouth-watering for hot summer days. Here are a few ideas for original snacks that will brighten up the morning breaks of your little ones.

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19.07.17 - Activities

5 Ways to Have Fun with Paint

Children love to paint. Painting allows them to creatively express their emotions through art. Here are a few ideas for painting that kids can engage in by themselves or with friends and family.

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01.07.17 - Activities

3 ideas for a low-cost family holiday

Are you looking for family vacation ideas that do not cost too much for the upcoming season? Here are a few suggestions that should work for adults and kids alike.

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16.06.17 - Education

What if my child is bullied at school?

Bullying is a social phenomenon that may begin very early in young people. Indeed, at the primary school level, various forms of this behaviour can play a role in undermining your child’s morale and destroying his or her sense of self-esteem. However, the child may not tell you about being a victim of bullying. Here are a few tips to follow if your child is facing bullying at school.

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02.06.17 - Education

4 Tips for Helping Your Child Have Better Grades at School

When it’s time to have fun, your little ones are enthusiastic and attentive, but it all changes when you talk to them about studies or preparing for tests. Here are a few tips for helping your kid learn and increase their chances of success.

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24.05.17 - Activities

7 Educational Game Ideas for Your Kids

A parent is always looking for the best ideas to keep the little ones entertained while they learn something new. Here are a few ideas that would allow your little treasures to have fun while developing their mental abilities.

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05.05.17 - Nutrition

4 Original Lunch Ideas for Your Kids

Why should your children’s lunch box include the traditional crust-free ham sandwich, an apple, a package of celery, and an orange juice box? Here are a few lunch ideas that will add variety and spice to your kids’ menus.

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21.04.17 - Activities

5 Activity Ideas for a Family Weekend

Weekends are for fun and having a good time with the people you love. Why not do something both useful and pleasant? Try these five educational activities with your children this weekend!

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07.04.17 - Activities

6 Crafts Ideas for Your Kids

When they return from school, your children are often exhausted and thinking about one thing only: having some fun. Crafts can be an interesting activity for them not only because it’s fun, but because it makes use of their creativity and stimulates their imagination. Here are a few ideas for crafts to work on at home.

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24.03.17 - Education

4 Tips How to Save on School Supplies

Every year, many Quebec parents have to spend a hefty sum in order to ensure that their children have all of the supplies they need to success during the school year. Here are a few tips that will help you save money on school supplies to start a new term or for any other academic event.

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17.03.17 - Education

3 Tips to help your kids do homework

When they come home from school, children usually want to have fun rather than do their homework, and yet homework is essential to their academic success. Here are a few tips to motivate them to complete homework without overdoing it.

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