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15.02.19 - Activities

3 tips to help your children make their own lunch

You may want to teach your children how to cook meals or at least prepare their lunch for school by themselves. The key to getting kids to do this is to make the process of preparing lunch simple so that they can learn to do it quickly and then remember how to do it again and again.

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11.01.19 - Activities

3 Tips for Raising Active, Healthy Children

It is extremely easy for children to entertain themselves these days. With so many streaming services, electronic devices and video game consoles available, kids can spend hours “plugged in.” This can be helpful when you need time to complete your chores or relax at the end of a long day, but you also want to make sure that your kids are leading a healthy, active and balanced lifestyle...

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31.07.17 - Nutrition

5 Snacks Ideas for Your Kids

When thinking about snacks for children, it is not always easy to find ideas that are healthy and mouth-watering for hot summer days. Here are a few ideas for original snacks that will brighten up the morning breaks of your little ones.

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05.05.17 - Nutrition

4 Original Lunch Ideas for Your Kids

Why should your children’s lunch box include the traditional crust-free ham sandwich, an apple, a package of celery, and an orange juice box? Here are a few lunch ideas that will add variety and spice to your kids’ menus.

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