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4 extracurricular activities ideas for your kids

The benefits of extracurricular activities on the development and the educational progress of your children are numerous. Not only do they help them develop their passions, interests, abilities and social skills, but they also provide them with fun, as well as being an endless source of motivation. It has been shown that children who have extracurricular activities are less likely to drop out, and more likely to be successful in school.

Here are some ideas for extracurricular activities to enroll your toddlers. Who knows, in addition to helping them progress, you may help them make their future career choice through fun activities.

Theatre and improvisation

If your child is embarrassed or has difficulty integrating socially, enrolling in theatre, improvisation or even speaking skills may be beneficial to them. Whether it is the school’s theatre troupe or private theatre classes, the benefits of theatre are numerous on the development of the child. Your children can also make new friends, refine their cognitive skills and learn to express themselves in public, in addition to feeling excitement and satisfaction to embody a character and give themselves in public performance.

Music lessons

The benefits of music on the development of children are well-established. Personality development, improved cognitive abilities and concentration, better self-expression, better control of emotions, the discovery of cultures and musical styles. To maximize the chances of success of your project, why not offer them several instruments and ask them to choose the one they prefer? In this way, you will be sure to make the right choice for them.

Courses in drawing or visual arts

Like music, drawing allows your children to develop their motor skills as well as their personality and artistic sense. This is the activity par excellence to enrol them in stimulating their creativity and self-esteem. Moreover, there is no need to enrol them in particular courses so that they can benefit from the benefits of this activity. Only a few pencils, brushes and sheets of paper are enough to introduce your children to this fun and rewarding activity.

Sports disciplines

We could not talk about extracurricular activities without talking about sports. Sports help your child develop self-reliance, self-confidence and competitive spirit, as well as fun and make new friends. Since there is a multitude of games, the idea is to offer several possibilities to your children to encourage them to choose an activity that pleases them. In this way, you will be sure to stimulate interest and motivation.

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