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How to help your child develop his passions and interests

Essential sources of motivation for your children, passions and interests play a significant role in the progress and development of your toddlers. Not only do they help them develop their personalities, but they also facilitate their learning in the school environment, which is also a reason to help them find them.

However, not all children can express their interests and passions. That’s why there are a few small things you can do on a daily basis to get them to find out what makes them fit in life. Here are a few.
Pay attention to what captivates their interest

Whether it’s TV shows, clothes, toys, books, sports, or anything else, your child will, at one time or another, show interest in something. Object or activity. Naturally, he will seem more attracted to this element or activity and will appear to favour it to the detriment of others. This attraction to this element is a good indicator of your child’s tastes. By paying attention to what he likes to do, you will be more likely to help him develop his passions and interests.
Let the child be himself and express himself

At birth, each child is born with a personality and a temperament of his own. While growing up, there is the influence of peers and education that come into play, but basically, the child comes into the world with tastes and interests that belong to him.

To encourage your child to find what he likes in life, you must let him express himself and be himself. It means not trying to impose your vision, your point of view and your dreams, even if what you love displeases you. Many parents make the mistake of trying to live their dreams and passions through the lives of their children. In doing so, they prevent them from being themselves, from expressing themselves and doing what they like. The more you let the child be himself, the better you will be able to determine what he loves to do and help him develop his interests and passions.
Help your child find his element

According to author Ken Robinson, all people on earth have an element. Helping your child find his or her will encourage them to feel good and develop more. The element is defined by the meeting between our talents, what we can do, and our passions, what we like to do. To help your child find his element, pay attention to what he can do, such as tinkering, and what he wants to do, such as skiing, and trying to find an activity that will allow him to combine the two. You can also ask him to make a list of his passions and talents and try to find activities that mix the two.

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