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Tips for reading materials for your kids

It is known that reading has many benefits, which is why it is crucial to introduce your child to this activity early on in order to promote cognitive and social skills development. Here are a few ideas for reading for your kids.


Fairy-tales are easy to tell and feature stereotypical characters that portray a particular message. They are excellent for conveying morals, the understanding of good and evil, for children, and are fun to read to yourself and others.

Fairy-tales stimulate your children’s senses, develop their curiosity and imagination, enrich their vocabulary, and broaden the horizons on life situations and types of people (good, bad, friends, etc.) and ways to overcome problems and difficulties. Such tales can serve therapeutic purpose and can be read as much as you want.

Kids can easily identify with the characters of such stories, which helps better understand the experienced emotions. These stories convey morals and help prepare for life’s trials, which is why it is very important to integrate these stories into bedtime readings for your kid.

Comic books

A Canadian Council on Learning study recently found that comic books and graphic novels help young people develop reading skills. The images accompanying text help with following event sequences and interpret text while connecting it to personal experiences.

An interesting feature of comic books is that many of them come in series – for example, Asterix and Obelix. This creates a lasting interest in reading, as the child has expectations for how the story will continue, which makes him or her impatient to read the next part.


Novels greatly stimulate children’s imagination, make them dream, and entertain them, allowing for an escape from day-to-day routine. Like fairy-tales, novels have an educational component and speak to young people without being too direct, which makes them a great way to teach positive life values.

Books awaken the senses

Books of all sorts can stimulate and energize various senses for children. Sound books, cloth books, bath books, and picture books (these books with large images but little text) all promote children’s cognitive development in their own ways.

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